HSQE & Compliance Management

"The industry sets the targets. Our standard is to do better"

Safety, quality and good environmental management are our keys to a sustainable safeguard business.

TB Marine Shipmanagement continuously improve its health, safety, quality and environmental (HSQE) performances.

A strong focus on sustainability forms a fundamental part of our HSQE culture and is the key to ensure high awareness. In all areas of operation, we constantly seek responsible improvement of our performance.

In order to achieve this, we share best management practices with other major tanker operators. Human Factors Management and Self-Assessments are under permanent focus.

Measuring HSQE performance and using industry benchmarking are well-established tools to discuss and transfer knowledge regarding of new regulations and challenges in the safe operation of our vessels.

This is a driver for further improvements and leads to our common goal: Safe and environmentally friendly ship operations.