Crew & Recruiting Management

"The industry sets the targets. Our standard is to do better"

TB Marine has established Strategic Alliances in the major seafaring recruiting centres such as Riga/ Latvia, Odessa/ Ukraine, Manila/ Philippines, Cyprus to ensure direct access to the main manning resources in the Chemical / Product Tanker, Gas/ LNG and Container/ Bulk business.

With more than 15 years of industry expertise in fulfilling the highest market standard crew matrix requirements. The senior and junior officer recruitment has been main focus since the start of the company. Motivated and well educated sea going officers ensure high quality management and efficient environmental safe ship operations.

Living up to our philosophy "we do care" TB Marine offers all our officers permanent employment contracts, a pension fund scheme and an "all" covering full family member global health insurance package, in addition to market rate wages. Permanent office briefings of all senior officers and crew seminars take place in Hamburg, Riga and Manila to ensure that we grow with our seamen.

With more than 2500 seafarers and a retention rate – over all ranks – of over 95% we are well prepared to meet our shareholders' and clients' requirements for reliable and cost-efficient operations. Our cadet program running from day one. Start your career with us and send your interest and or CV to