“The industry sets the targets; our standard is to do better.”

Ship Operations & Vetting

TB Marine has very high KPI rankings and operates a fleet of IMO II / III classified chemical / oil tankers, each of which is built and operating in accordance with the highest quality and reliability standards. External assessments of each ship and office audits confirm our highest standards.

We have created a homogeneous fleet, which we manage commercially and operationally. The sister ship effect allows us to run our tonnage cost efficiently and at stable revenues.

Long experience on CPP / DPP / chemical markets provide our customers with optimal trading at low costs.

Our increasing presence in this sector complements and strengthens our fleet profile.

In line with customer expectations, our new tonnage benefits from the latest eco-design innovations that reduces environmental impact and delivers fuel efficiency.

Ensuring 24/7 assistance, we follow up on each and any single operational issue.

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